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Online Ticketing Centre | DesiEvents Vancouver

Online Ticketing Centre


Buy tickets.. It doesn’t get easier than this!

DesiEvents.ca is your exclusive source for local events tickets to your favorite South-Asian events in town!

We work with event organizers to ensure you have the opportunity to purchase tickets easily!


Buying Tickets is a simple 3 step process:

      1. Select the event and number of tickets to be purchased
      2. Enter the names and emails of the attendees
      3. Pay via PayPal

A receipt will be emailed to you directly confirming your payment and tickets. Simple!

The Price listed includes the low surcharge of $1+5.0%.


Sorry, but there are currently no tickets for sale. Please try again later.


Benefits to buying tickets online:

      • Buy from the comfort of your home
      • Guaranteed ticket availability
      • Deal directly with the most trusted online payment system (PayPal)
      • Low surcharge fee of $1+5% (offset fuel costs and time )
      • DesiEvents.ca is a locally run online hub so we really care about your experience with us!
      • Having  issues? Give us a call 604-617-6256